Union Status: SAGe


Butterfly                                                                     Supporting                                         Ely Bams; 1265 Films

The Penitent Thief                                                    Stunt Actor                                        L. Miles; 4:13 Films

Assassin 33 A.D.                                                       Featured                                              J. Carroll; GR Media

Amber                                                                        Lead                                                    A. Coffey; Ark Studios

Patient Zero                                                               Supporting                                          I. Currie; Empty Theatre Prod.

RokSaw                                                                     Supporting                                         C. King; Toxic Film Production

Disavowed                                                                Supporting                                         K. Slusser; Road Rage Prod.

Unlikely Chemistry                                                    Lead                                                    K. Slusser/M. Hicken


Confidential                                                              Principal                                        J. Mars; Investigation Discovery

The Last Defense                                                      Darlie Routier                                    J. Crowell; ABC

Scandal Made Me Famous                                     Friend                                                 A. Dietrich; AMS Pictures


Million Dollars, But…                                             Girlfriend                                           D. Saplin; Rooster Teeth



Sign Dawgs                                                              Narrator                                   G. Pauley; Sea King Productions

Watcher                                                                    Reporter                                            I. Currie; Empty Theatre Prod.


The Explorer                                                             Spokesperson                                    Ason Mexia; Ringdale


Black Clover                                                             Additional Voices                             C. George; FUNimation Ent.

Ace Attorney II                                                        Additional Voices                             T. Ray; FUNimation Ent.

Overlord II                                                               Hilma Cygnaeus                                 K. Phillips; FUNimation Ent.

Junji Ito                                                                     Setsuko                                               T. Doty; FUNimation Ent.

One Piece                                                                Additional Voices                             J. McDonald; FUNimation Ent.

A Centaur’s Life                                                       Riri & Additional Voices                  K. Phillips; FUNimation Ent.

Hina Logic                                                               Additional Voices                             T. Walker; FUNimation Ent.

Joker Game                                                             Additional Voices                             J. McDonald; FUNimation Ent.

Masamune-Kun No Revenge                                Additional Voices                             A. Tipton; FUNimation Ent.

Print & Modeling:

Arlington Tourism                                                    Commercial Print                              Terry Vine; Big Picture Reps

Pedialyte                                                                  Live Event                                         GMR Marketing